Focus and Scope

JISE focuses on the publication of articles resulting from research, thought, and literature review in Islamic studies and Education. JISE is open to receiving articles from both quantitative and qualitative research as well as Mix Method studies. In the study of thought, JISE received articles on the study of the thoughts of Islamic figures as well as manuscript studies of the works of previous Islamic thinkers. In the field of Education, JISE is open to receiving articles from research, thought and literature review in the study of Islamic manuscripts in education and the latest Education field studies. The scope of the journal is as follows:

Islamic Studies

  • History of Islamic Civilization
  • Islamic law
  • Islamic economics
  • Islamic Banking
  • Sharia Business Management
  • Islamic Psychology
  • Islamic Medicine
  • Islamic Communication
  • Islamic Architecture
  • Islamic Broadcasting
  • Sharia Accounting
  • Islamic Astronomy


  • Education Management
  • Education policy
  • Curriculum
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational counseling
  • Education Evaluation
  • Language Education
  • Education technology
  • Social Education
  • Science Education
  • Islamic education
  • Islamic Education Management