About the Journal

Advanced Research in English Education and Linguistics is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal on English linguistics and teaching and learning English as second or foreign language. The primary objective of this journal is to publish research-based articles that delve into a comprehensive examination of the theories and practices involved in teaching and learning English as a foreign and second language and linguictic studies. The journal presents a forum of discussion on some outstanding contemporary issues dealing with English Language Teaching (ELT) and Linguistics. The journal is organized by PRESSCIENCE Publishing Indonesia and is biannually published every June and December. The journal's scope is international, extending a warm invitation to English language practitioners, academics, and researchers with diverse interdisciplinary perspectives, addressesing English language teaching (ELT) and linguistic studies, including:

  • ELT pedagogy
  • Technology in ELT
  • ELT and learning resources
  • ELT and teacher professional development
  • Innovation in ELT
  • Language assessment
  • Literacy education in ELT
  • Linguistics in ELT


Call for Submission


Advanced Research in English Education and Linguistics is calling for high qualified submission as the first issue publication in June 2024. Research-based papers related to the focus and scope of the journal are most welcomed. The areas of research include English Language Teaching and Linguistics Studies.

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Editorial Team

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